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Rejuvinate - Beach Time (Joie & I)!

We headed out after many hits of the snooze buttons. An hour off of our planned arrival time of 10am - time to lay out, get wet, walk around, have lunch and head out for some necessary shopping. The "clean-up/pretty-up" plans that we set for Wednesday whilst hanging out with Mom kept being put off to the latter part of the day and never happened. We ended up leaving the house after Pop returned from work and running his errands, and stayed out til most of the shops closed. Window shopping for household furnishings - we did that and got late nite snacks to eat in bed (A BIG "I don't do" for me but I did it (Neatly) and chatted with Joie about moving forward with everything - life, business, relationships....just promoting a steady state of positive growth). We also discussed ow this planetary retrograde has wreaked havoc collectively on our dreams.

So, back to Thursday morning, Beach Day.....we skipped breakfast, got dressed, grabbed some towels, blankies and headed out. We picked up food on the way. The oceanfront is a mere 20 minutes from Mom & Pop. We passed our old living digs in Va. Beach on the way and I told Joie I would take her by the house on the way back. Pop had told us to be careful of the riptide before we ran out of the door and we sort of looked at each other to acknowledge that he was being his overly concerned self.

The closer we got to the beach, the more excited I got because as close as I have lived to swim worthy bodies of water, I hadn't taken advantage of them. We found a quick parking space near to the oceanfront, jumped out, gathered our stuff and headed toward the searing hot sand (we soon found out). The beach was already pretty crowded but we found a good spot. Can't remember who jumped out of their clothes first. The breeze was cool, the tide was high and the waves seemed really active. Joie & I chatted and sun basted ourselves, turning regularly like rotisserie yard birds. The sun was searing hot but we were hell bent on leaving many shades darker that we arrived.

Joie was the first to try the water. I watched her go in for a dip - more like a half-dip - and then she came back as quickly as she went in. I asked her "Why so quick" and she said the water was too rough for her. Joie doesn't do the aqua boogie (swim) after many attempts to learn. She and her Pa have said, out loud, that they are going to take swimming lessons together - I pray so. Now my turn to get wet.....about 15 minutes after Joie returned. The waves were steadily coming and everyone in the water was relatively close to the sand - everyone. I didn't think much about it until I got in. Not only was the tide high, but the water was so rough that I got knocked down a few times never being fully able to gain my footing and almost losing my swimsuit in the process. I gained a huge deposit of rough sand in my swimsuit that I couldn't even rinse out because of the relentless waves and that's when I decided to pretty much crawl back to dry land. I got back to Joie and let the sun dry my shipwrecked body off. We lasted a bit longer and decided to head back to the car but not before hitting up an oasis named DQ for some strawberry-kiwi slushies.

What a "breath of fresh air" day that ended up being. We returned to Mom & Pop's , showered, kissed and hugged our good byes (see ya later - never good bye according to Mom) and headed back up North but not before returning to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up some things we had listed to get the day before. The sky turned a beautiful orange and purplely blue as the sun set. We've already plotted our next beach excursion and summer jaunts. Stay tuned.

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