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Saying Yes To Maybes

3am.....headed South to hang with Mom for the day. Woke up in a pissy mood (a rarity for me) so I was looking forward to the drive down to clear my head. Mom Chronicles later.....

For some reason, the road was crowded most of the way down. The truckers were all over the place and not their usual friendly "Pac" infused selves. The other pick-up drivers were assOnine with the tailgating so I pumped some good music and sang as loud as I wanted to and kept it moving. I felt that I sounded like I could go on stage as a singer and had nobody in the car to dispute that fact. As of late, I've been noticing bike shops in my travels.....didn't notice any this morning but I mention them because being a cyclist is part of my life's journey. A couple of months ago, I put my bike up for good along with my cycling gear, shoes, helmet....all a that. I was ready to let it go and let it be just a part of my past. Everything associated with the sport is out of my sight. It was a conscious effort on my part and didn't fit into my life anymore. Other forms of exercise took cycling's place.

A month or so ago, an old cycling buddy of mine asked me if I would do the 5 Borough ride thru NY in the Spring with her and another cycling buddy (part of the BBSSU crew). I quickly accepted the challenge and immediately thought - okay why did I say yes and when am I going to start training. My bike is still in the utility closet as I type. It's cold no likey the cold, especially on a bike. Not sweating my decision my head, this can still happen.....maybe.

So this morning, as soon as I started to cook Mom's breakfast, the door bell rang. I wasn't expecting the electrician for another 30 minutes, but there he was with his warm spirit and kind eyes. We had never met before. I showed him to the garage where the box in question was located. We just started chatting as if we knew each other forever. He asked how Pop was doing and then went on to say that Pop probably wouldn't recognize him because he had lost 60 lbs. My first reaction was WOW and then I searched his eyes for a way to ask him was this weight loss intentional or unintentional. Jeff, as I was looking at him was a normal sized man so I was imagining what the extra 60 lbs was doing to him. He saw my face and answered my question without me even asking. He said that the weight loss was intentional and then went on to explain his health crisis because of the extra lbs. He told me about his 70+ yr old dad and his diabetic troubles. His dad now walks with a cane because he can't feel his feet. Jeff was close to being a diabetic with the weight and told me that after not really realizing how large he had gotten and being 4 yrs overdue for a checkup (he made the Home Improvement grunt and pounded his chest just like Tim Allen - of course I laughed) he made a lifestyle change and started cycling again. "Cycling?", I said! I cycle(d)! Our eyes kinda lit up and he asked me about my bike and told me about his and his travels in Germany with a bike, etc and brought me up to date with his journey. We compared out tolerances for cycling in different kinds of weather. He told me that he was considering being a Crit rider again - this guy is serious and apparently very fast and powerful on two wheels. My hats off to him! So, he pulls out his phone and shows me his indoor training fly wheel called Whoosh (I think) - very cool gadget that replaces the back wheel and adjusts to up hill and downhill simulation. He also showed me the app that can simulate riding with a group - very cool also. And he's telling me all at the same time that I must get back on the bike like as soon as there is a 50 degree day. This was a walking conversation that we had from the garage to him being outside on the steps and me standing in the door way with the door wide open like it wasn't cold outside. I was geeking out and so was he. Jeff likes riding alone because of the peace it brings as do I. For me it takes the pressure off of racing someone and having them Nanaboobooing you when they win. Honestly that is the part of cycling that I abhor. I just wanna get on my bike and enjoy the scenery and my thoughts. I'm not a racer, just a lover of the outdoors. (I feel like I have shared this before.....if so, forgive the repetition).

Anyhoot and holler, I totally enjoyed my brief but meaningful conversation with this familiar stranger, Jeff Warren, and because of our organic exchange my "Maybe I'll get back on the bike someday" has changed into "Yes, I'm getting back on the bike!" for the sheer enjoyment of it, nothing more, nothing less. Not sure about the 5 Borough ride because of my bridge issues, but sure about flinging the door wide open to enjoying the simple things in life. Jeff found nothing wrong with the electrical connections and didn't charge for the visit. I wanted to pay him in thanks for the convo. Now I know why I was noticing the bike shops most recently....YES!

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